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The snow-clad mountains of St. Moritz are much loved by ski enthusiasts from all over the world, especially by the rich, famous and VIP's from all over the world. The outstanding accommodations and nightlife, however, are just the trimmings for a winter playground of superlative quality. Oberengadin 's mineral springs are also a major drawcard.
St. Moritz is the most famous ski resort in the world: chic, elegant and grand with a very cosmopolitan ambience. It lies in a beautiful setting around the lake, in the Engadine valley. The sparkling dry champagne climate of St. Moritz is legendary: its famous sun shines 322 days of the year on average. The famous health springs have been in use since the Bronze Age and a modern spa complex complements their soothing properties.

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St Moritz is the birthplace of winter tourism and modern winter sports in the Alps and is Switzerland's only Olympic host resort (1928 and 1948). St. Moritz literally offers 'snow how' at its best: skiing - downhill and cross-country - the Cresta and Bob runs; horse races, polo and golf on the frozen lake, plus a consummate nightlife, gala events, shopping fashion shows and much, much more.

St. Moritz lies in the centre of an interesting region in south-eastern Switzerland.

Several of the surrounding mountain peaks are accessible by cable car, including this one that takes you up to 10837 feet to the top of Corvatsch.

The Wanderkarte (hiking ticket) which takes you all they way to the top, then half way back down. From the mid-station it's a 2-3 hour hike back to the base. The hike begins above the tree line and proceeds down through skiing areas (winter), down by streams and past grazing cows and finally down tree lined roads to the bottom.

[Maloja Pass] You can get to this area either by car or by train. From the north you'll probably enter through either the Julier Pass or the Albula Pass. Both are very scenic and take you high up in the mountains. Both are slow-going because the road is very narrow and winding (Albula Pass is the more scenic, but also the slower going of the two). Or, you could also arrive via the Inn river valley from the northeast, almost as slow going. The Inn goes through Innsbruck, Austria. (Brucke means Bridge in German, and Innsbruck means Bridge over the Inn river.) You can also get here from Italy from the south (Bernina pass, another mountain road), or from the southwest via the Maloja pass. This picture shows just a few of the hairpin turns of the Maloja pass. But no matter how you get here, you have to cross over some mountains.

The Flόela Pass is another route you might take to get here. It connects Davos to the north with the Inn river valley east of St. Moritz. It's not the most direct route from Davos to St. Moritz. There's also a train tunnel under construction in this pass (I don't recall seeing any evidence of this when I was here in October 1997); eventually you'll be able to go this way by train. The Flόela pass isn't quite as scenic as the others, but is still a good mountain drive. Like the others (except Maloja), it goes up above the tree line so in summer you'll see just grass, or alpine flowers in season. Parked along the road you see one of the Swiss Postal Buses (I rode over this pass on this bus). Leaving Davos, the bus was filled with hikers. By the time it reached the top, most had left, getting off at trailhead bus stops (no building, just a sign and a footpath) along the road.

To get here you have to descend from the St Moritz valley down into a lower valley on the road shown above, then go back up the side of the mountain on a very narrow road just as crooked as the one you just came down to get to the town. The peaceful old town itself in it's picturesque setting on the side of the mountain is the only real attraction, it's not a highly developed tourist town. There's not much in the way of hotels, restaurants, or museums. Instead, just walk around and enjoy the atmosphere.

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