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Ancona is in fact the sumptuous Queen of the Adriatic Mean, sea dynamic port of Europe


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The Doric port is included among the 18 ports of national interest and the CIPE considers it among those of greater European interest. Its strategic position demands continues modernizations of the structures and infrastructures all the more if the " Adriatic Corridor " will become truth, one of the plans of the trans-european nets that foresees an express and economic link between the North of Europe and the south east of the Mediterranean. Motor of the city economy, it is closely connected to the city, to its historical vicissitudes, to its commercial fortunes.

The plan Mole Vanvitelliana of the Common of Ancona, the Communal Administration of Ancona has recently started an unknown collaboration, for the city, with the entrepreneurial world in order to experience one new form of collaboration, to recover and to manage in innovating form, the Mole Vanvitelliana and to emphasize it as an expositive and cultural place of national and international interest. Used for improper uses for a long time, the building constitutes, in fact, a monument of great historical-artistic value and is it placed at the centre of an area of enormous strategic value for the city and all the Marche Region.

Welcomes in the city where the culture of the hospitality has solid roots. And where the sun rises and sets on the sea. Ancona is in fact the sumptuous Queen of the Adriatic Mean, sea dynamic port of Europe.
City loaded with history, art and culture. Where ancient and modern cohabit in a wonderful way. Palaces of noble lineage, monuments with an intense fascination, churches with a " Romanesque stroke " testify of a rich past, of a imaginativeness without time. And where the Conero tells of fairies and gnomes reflecting in a deep and in contaminate blue. But Ancona is also the city to which was able to rebuild itself in a good way after the earthquake of the ' 72 and the great landslide of the 1982. It is the big proscenion on the sea of the old and reorganized quarters of Guasco S. Peter and Capodimonte. But it is also the city of the new quarters, that one of the Belluschi, Quaroni, Trevisan, Taffuri, De Large, Wars and Spout. The new urbanisti, the architecture of the new "polis", of the city that shows itself to the third millenium. The Cathedral of Saint Ciriaco watches over everyone and over everything.

Also on the good drawing-room of the Plebiscite public square of, on precious Romanesque of the Church of Saint Maria of the Public square, on the weighty symbolism of the Merchants Loggia, work of insigne dalmatian master George from and on the rich coffers of culture. On the Rubens tapestries, preserved in the Diocesano Museum, on the works of Tiziano and Crivelli accommodated to Bosdari Palace, on the many Treasures of our past that impreziosiscono (make precious) the national archaeological Museum of the Marches. And also on the temple of neo classic style dedicated to Saint Rocco that marks the centre of the pentagonal creation of Luigi Vanvitelli. As a cosmopolitan city, Ancona continues to be cross-road of various people and cultures. It is not a case that art, history, culture, sports and tourism are the drink that it can offer. For those who are thirst for knowledge, for those who want to indulge in its spells. And for those of Conero Park of where among the Mediterranean spot the broom becomes beautiful and the arbutus discreetly... struts about. Door of East.
Prehistoric origins, meaningful Picena presence in the age of iron, Ancona is an obligatory stage for people who furrow the Adriatic. Sea deserved pause for more than eight hundred thousand travellers in transit for this landing place chosen from syracusan dorians in the IV century B.a.C. and made then big from emperors like Traiano and far-seeing popes like Clemente XII. For this free Common that not even the troops of Barbarossa could fold. For a city never tamed, medal gold to the civil, value that not even the terrible raids of the second world war could mortify. Here the heart of the Marches beats, of a one city region with rich coffers and the many Treasures. The Basilica of Loreto that is prepared for the Giubileo, Recanati and its Leopardi,Urbino and its Ducato, the coves of Frasassi, the light green declivities of the inland, the deep blue of the coast of Sirolo, Numana and Portonovo.
History, nature and culture accompanied to the talent and to the industry of who in economy and on the forehead of the job have tried various roads. Small enterprise taken as a model for the ability to be on the market in a ductile, flexible way. And just here in the heart of the Marches, in this real European city the welcome is not to forget. For the travellers of the third millenium, guarded parkings in the harbour area. For them the tour of the city, with elegant and generous windows to admire, little markets to discover, refined plates and wines to taste but also a lot of other promoting and welcome initiatives that Common, tourist promotion company and economic operators have precisely predisposed. With the loyal participation of the Chamber of Commerce, of the harbour Authority and same maritime operators. Indeed a quality team. A public-private one of first order. For a "Welcome to Ancona" to carry in the heart.

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