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Known as "Garden by the Sea", Xiamen is a beautiful city on the southeast coast of Fujian. With moderate tropical climate, the city is famous for its botanical gardens hosting tropical and subtropical plants.

Xiamen is also blessed with beautiful beaches, as well as historical, cultural and natural attractions.

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With less than half a million people, Xiamen, a Special Economic Zone in Fujian province, is arguably one of the most active and exciting cities in China. Situated in the south-east of the country, this remarkable pollution free city has many historical landmarks to impress any visitors.

Xiamen was recently voted China's cleanest city, and has many attractions for the foreign visitor. Xiamen and its surrounding countryside offers spectacular scenery and pleasant tree-lined beaches. Gulangyu, also known as Piano Island, is a popular, peaceful weekend getaway. Xiamen's Botanical Garden is a nature lover's paradise.

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As long as you are there it’s worth to visit:

Gulang Island (Gulangyu)

A short ferry ride from Xiamen are golden beaches and a restful island with no motor vehicles or even bicycles. Traditionally famed for its musicians, Gulang Island became an international settlement in 1902. The resulting consulates feature Roman, Gothic, Germanic and Spanish architectural styles.

Xiamen University

The recently upgraded Anthropological Museum exhibits models, pottery, stoneware, calligraphy, currency, art and weapons. Also on campus is a Memorial Hall to revolutionary writer Lu Xun. Maps available at university gates.

The Overseas Chinese Museum

This unique establishment chronicles the lives of those who left China to become successful elsewhere. Built by businessman Tan Kah Kee, who left Xiamen to make his fortune in Singapore, the museum displays some 6,000 exhibits.

Nanputuo Temple

A thousand-year-old Tang Dynasty temple five kilometers from downtown Xiamen, this major monastery is packed with Buddhist statuary. Great Mercy Hall is open to the public, as is the temple’s well-known vegetarian restaurant.

Wan Shi Rocks

An area just east of the city with evergreen mountain views and the city’s 10.3 square kilometer Botanical Gardens, a bonsai garden with a prize 300-year old Chinese elm, and displays of Chinese native flowers.

Huli Shan Fortress

A spectacular ancient coastal defence installation with a long and warlike history. But these days it’s peaceful... a garden-like setting with a view of Quemoy and Matsu, only two kilometers away.

Zheng Chenggong Memorial Hall (Gulangyu)

A huge granite statue pays tribute to Zheng Chenggong, Xiamen’s favourite historical figure. Described as both a pirate and a hero, he waged war on the Qing Dynasty and drove the Dutch from Taiwan in 1662.

Gulangyu Museum

You literally can’t miss it. The museum is the most visible building on Gulang island, located on a hilltop and displaying a distinctive red octagonal dome. Exhibits include crafts, war relics and historical light industry.


Most of Xiamen's 200 restaurants serve Cantonese cuisine and its popular local Chaozhou version, featuring specialties like extra-strong Iron Buddha tea. Local specialties are seafood and tofu soup. Venues range from open-air restaurants to upscale hotels with imported chefs. The latter often feature dinner entertainment with a musical floor show.

Xiamen's only indigenous craft is lacquered thread sculpture for ceramics, but Zhongshan Lu offers beautiful jade and wood carvings, silk dolls, bead embroidery, bamboo ware and clay models. Marketplace specialties are whimsical clay teapots shaped like Buddhas, tree trunks or human figures.

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