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Wuxi is an important town in Jiangsu province. While the town itself has few buildings or sites of historic or archaeological interest, it nevertheless is an attractive place to visit with its network of canals and cobbled streets. The major attraction for most visitors is Tai Lake, 4 km to the south. Taihu Lake Scenery Zone consists of Meiliang Lake scenery zone and Lihu scenery zone. Meiliang Lake is a bay of Taihu Lake covering approximately 200 square km. It is the best spot of Taihu Lake Scenery Zone with Turtle Head Islet as its main part.

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The Wuxi Folk Custom Village is also called Wu Culture Park and is located on the West High Mountain in Yanqiao Town of the north suburb, covering an area of 47 ha (1 ha = 2,47 acres). It is a multi-function park combining culture, education and tourism.

The village connotes the regional folk customs, culture and history of the original Wu kingdom and fully expresses them in artistic forms of cultural relics and park landscapes. The scenery spots consists of Yunwu Gate, Jiazi Hall, Abundant Rice Dike, Silkworm and Mulberry Tree Alley, Ancient Wu village, Cultural Centre, Custom Centre and Art Gallery of the Wu Region.

Built in 1921, to the west of South Street in Yixing city, this garden was once a private park of the Ren Family. Now a part of it is laid out to be the Exhibition Hall of Xu Beihong, an outstanding artist. Although the garden is small in size, you can see the Lotus Pool, the Yanxian Spring, the Nine-folds Bridge, pavilions and platforms. There are 22 tablets exhibited in the garden; among them, the tablet of the Chaste Woman, written by Li bai-a great poet and engraved by Li Yangbing during the reign of Tianbao in the Tang Dynasty. This is the most famous.

The city is equipped with a complete transportation network and has turned out to be the transportation centre of the area. 

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