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Tianjin, neighbouring Beijing, has always been known as the gateway to the Capital of China. This unique geographical position made Tianjin the largest port city, the transportation hub and trade center in North China.
Tianjin Harbour is a multifunctional and international trading port, which possesses the largest modern container terminal in China.

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Among the many cultural institutions, the Museum of Fine Arts is noted for its collections of paintings from the Yόan, Ming, and Ch'ing dynasties. Other institutions are the Tianjin Library, the Science Hall, and the City Museum of History. The Industrial Exhibition Hall and the National Minorities' Cultural Palace offer special cultural exhibits. Operas, plays, and concerts are held at the People's Festival Hall.

Tianjin is a famous historical and cultural city of China. Nankai University is the Alma Mater of the late Premier Zhou Enlai. The Tianjin History Museum, the Museum of Nature, and the Art Gallery are renowned for their vast collections of precious cultural artifacts. The city also enjoys a high prestige for its arts and crafts, such as the Yangliuqing New Year paintings, painted sculptures, kites and carpets.

Tianjin is well known for its 19th-century European-style buildings of the former concessions. Some of the streets are quite pleasant to stroll along.

The modern railway station, subway line, convention center add nice touches to the city.

Tianjin offers tourists from at home and abroad with a complete assortment of attractions which mingle the natural sceneries of the land and the sea with places of historical and cultural associations. These tourist attractions are clustered in the urban area and extend along the Haihe River to Tanggu and Jixian County. Major places of cultural interest include the Tianjin TV Tower, the Ancient Cultural Street, the Food Street, and the Tianjin Science and Technology Center. There are also beaches, the Dagu Fort, the ancient Great Wall at Huangyanguan, the Panshan Mountain, the Shi Family’s Courtyard House, the former residence and grave of the patriotic martial arts master Huo Yuanjia, and the Yangcun Amusement Park. Plans have been mapped out to open a number of new tourist attractions, including the Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao Memorial Hall and the Beijing-Tianjin Campaign Memorial Hall.

The local food of Tianjin is characterized by a variety of sea food combines special features of Sichuan, Shandong, Huaiyang and Zhejiang food to form a unique style of its own. Food of the French, English, Italian and Russian styles are also served in hotels and restaurants here. Besides, there are many kinds of snacks. 

Goubuli dumpling was the favorite of former US president, George Bush, while he was the US ambassador to China.

Shopping is a major pastime in Tianjin which is not surprising, considering the huge number of shops selling a wide variety of merchandise.

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