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Suzhou is small city with a beautiful landscape - people speak of Suzhou as a paradise on earth.
The city is famous for its more than 200 private gardens and criss-crossing waterways. Suzhou is known as the "Venice of the East," and a tour of the Grand Canal where the "streets" are lined with houses and stone bridges attests to that title.

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Suzhou is near Shanghai, only 84 km away Shanghai, also Suzhou is very close to Wuxi. Famous for its gardens, canals, lakes and alleys, the walled city of Suzhou has its history dated back to 5th century BC. During the Spring and Autumn Period (722 - 481 BC), Suzhou was the capital of the state of Wu. It became a major port city along the Grand Canal around 220 AD.

In 514 BC, by the command of King He Lu of Wu, his senior minister Wu Zixu built the great city of Helu and its wall measured 23,5 km in the circumference with 8 pairs of land-and-water gates. The city began to take the name of Suzhou and Gu Su city during the Sui Dynasty. Numerous changes have taken place in Suzhou through its vast history. Yet, in spite of repeated devastation, the city is still seated exactly on the original site as it was 2500 years ago that is indeed an instance rarely found in the world. 

By the 14th century Suzhou had established itself as the leading silk producer in the nation. Suzhou has long been know as the ‘home of silk’ and a land of fish and rice reflected in the saying ‘Good harvest in Suzhou and Huzhou suffices to feed all under heaven’. Well developed in agriculture with abundant produce and stable and high yields, it has always been regarded through the ages as ‘granary’ in China, on account of its facilities of communication and flourishing commerce. Suzhou is also a rich and popular place in the southern Yangtze Delta. In the recent years, the quickened pace of reform and opening up in China has resulted in future development of its economy and made Suzhou an important industrial city in China.

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Suzhou Gardens

People in here are adept in gathering condensing and reproducing everything beautiful that has ever existed. The gardens for which Suzhou is famous boast the exquisite reproduction in as small area of lofty mountains and affluent rivers, imperial palaces and country houses. These gardens are considered to be the best in the south of China. Among the gardens are the Humble Administrator's Garden (Zhuo Zheng Yuan), the Blue Wave Pavilion (Cang Lang Ting), the Garden for Lingering In (Liu Yuan), and the Lion Grove (Shi Zi Lin), which are the four most famous gardens in Suzhou. The Blue Wave Pavilion is the oldest one in existence. The Lion Grove was constructed in the Yuan Dynasty. The Garden for Lingering In dates from the Ming Dynasty.

Natural hills and creeks add beauty to the tranquil rural scenery of it. Hills low as they are, are dotted with scenic spots; creaks, shallow as they are, crisscross the whole city. Suzhou is like a picture rich in unique flavour, the mist upon the Lignin Hill and the reflection in water of the Bees Pagoda and the chiming of the giant to the ears. Visit the Tiger Hill - two different reasons are given for the name of the hill. One is that the entrance gate resembles the mouth of a tiger, and the pagoda on the top of the hill its tail. The others is that when the King of Wu was buried on top of the hill, a tiger is said to have appeared there. The to warding pagoda on the Tiger Hill is mute testimony to the splendid culture and civilisation of the city.

Tourists will be dazzled by the great variety of handicraft articles - potted landscapes, Suzhou embroidery sandalwood fans, theatrical engraving, mahogany furniture, minute carving, which are known far and wide for their superb artistry. 

There used to be many outstanding people in Suzhou, including writers, poets, calligraphers, painters, craftspeople and national heroes, who played very important roles in the development of Chinese culture.

The city of Suzhou, originally constructed by HE LU, rule of the State of Wu, celebrates the 2500th anniversary of its foundation. This ancient city witnessed in its long history innumerable epoch making events and countless eminent of the personages. These have become a rich cultural heritage of the Chinese people.

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