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Guangzhou is on the coast of the South China Sea and 182 kilometers away from Hong Kong, it is China's largest and most prosperous city in the south, an important seaport for foreign trade and a famous historical and cultural city over 2,000 years old.

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Guangzhou is a beautiful city with an ever-green scenery and flowers blooming all the year round. The city boasts many tourist attractions, among which highlights are White Cloud Hill Scenic Spot. Yuexiu Park, Guangzhou Zoo, Six Banyan Temple and Flowery Pagoda, Dr. Sun Yatsen Memorial Hall, etc. In the Suburbs, there are such scenic spot on Conghua Hot Springs, Xiqiao Hill Scenic spot, Seven Star Crags, and Foshan City. Lots of tourists to Guangzhou like to cover one or two of them for out-of-city pleasure.

Guangzhou City is divided by a wide north-south street, Jiefang Lu and is bisected by an east-west street, Zhongshan Lu. Most major thoroughfares run downhill from north to south, ending at the river. The city is also divided by the Pearl River, with most scenic spots on the north side. Major hotels are the China and Dong Fang hotels, the White Swan, the Equatorial and the Furama hotels.

Guangzhou is communication hub of Guangdong Province, with railways and highways radiating in all directions, and convenient inland-water, coastal and ocean transport. Huangpu is the biggest seaport in the South, ranking fifth in volume of freight handled in China. Its airport stands also in the forefront in passenger transport.

Guangzhou is South China's biggest national-and-foreign-oriented city with flourishing commerce, and China's chief foreign trade center as well. It's also China's famous historical and cultural city. The city with long summer and no winter is always green with flowers in bloom all the year round.

Its scenic spots and historical sites include Guangxiao Temple, Liurong Temple and White Clouds Mountain scenic area.

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Guangzhou ranks first in the number of restaurants and tea-houses in the country. Cantonese cuisine is good in colour, fragrance, taste and presentation. In addition, the delicate Cantonese pastry is also well-known for its wide range of varieties, delicious flavour and beautiful colour. Cantonese cuisine is among the most famous four in the country. Visitors familiar with fried rice and sweet and sour pork are destined to be startled at the varieties of the Guangzhou food. One characteristic of the food is the uncompromising emphasis on freshness. Guangdong is rich in food supplies of poultry, rice, fish, seafood and vegetable. None of these is frozen before cooking. The popular means of cooking is by steaming or sautéing, which the natural and subtle flavour of the food is well preserved. Guangzhou food is also famous for its harmonious colour and delicate sauces.

There are large-scale amusement parks everywhere. They keep pace with modern life with rich and colourful cultural contents and give people utterly new impression.

Guangzhou is reputed as "Shopping Paradise". As the entrepot of staples in South China as well as the whole country, Guangzhou will provide comparatively complete categories of commodities, sophisticated information nexus, high-quality service and a brisk market. China Export Commodities Fair well-known at home and abroad for the brisk trading is held in Guangzhou twice a year since 1957. Retail is flourishing in Guangzhou. Famous-brand and quality products of all kinds are gathered here from all parts of the world ad well as other arts of the country. Commodities fitting in with different needs are found here. Their styles and grades represent the latest trend of the world.

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